Whenever I have this hand in mine, I always feel like eloping off for some adventure. ~ Farrar

To live free you’ve got to keep your wants down to the things that really make for happiness, or you will find yourself working too hard, trying to pay for things you get no real joy from. ~ Farrar

We learned from the Eskimos that if you don’t live as you go, you don’t live at all. Since occupations fill most of our time, they must be made interesting, lively, delightful. They’ve got to be, or at least to seem, important. ~ June

Illinois and Indiana are riverfull states. Every little while we’d cross a beautiful, clear stream, often so shallow there was no bridge across it. Whenever we could, we made camp on the banks of a stream and I would do my washing in it, the cool water running over my feet. ~ June

We still saw no reason for abandoning our plan of retiring first, seeing America while we were footloose, and bringing up our children to school age in the lap of adventure. ~ June

We wanted to teach our children how to be rich without money, how to live like millionaires without a cent, how to compel life to yield them what they wanted without selling their beliefs for it. ~ June

Advertisement for the Burn Ballad Bungalow, late 1920s.

43 Bedford Street, New York City.

We call it a studio because we live in it. We sell by mail only, teach classes here and in general have loads of fun. Farrar built every stick of furniture. It is modern and very handsome…I have even painted two rugs onto our light gray floor. ~ June

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