Skye Burn

Skye Burn is a multi-dimensional artist. She is June and Farrar’s granddaughter and owner of Skye Burn Productions. Skye has a BA in the Psychology of the Creative Process and Master of Leadership in Social Artistry. Social Artists apply principles and practices of artistic mastery in resolving social challenges. In addition to the June & Farrar Project, Skye is currently producing The Story We Are Living, a literary artwork consisting of thirteen bi-monthly folios published over two years. Folio #1 appeared March/April 2021. She also maintains a consistent music (singing, piano) and movement practice. For more information about Skye’s offerings and her background, visit

Tracy Spring
Artistic Director

Tracy Spring is a 4th generation Washingtonian with deep appreciation for its beauty and memorable historical characters. Tracy is an award-winning songwriter, guitarist, and vocal arranger. She has completed five albums of her own, in addition to decades of experience as a recording artist, session vocalist, and producer. For almost ten years, she was Northwest Regional Director for Global Impact, an internationally respected not-for-profit organization that has raised millions of dollars for major NGOs working to end world poverty. As Artistic Director, Tracy collaborates with Skye and other co-creators to bring June and Farrar’s story to life. For more information about Tracy’s music, visit

Our Modern-Day Troubadour
Our search will soon be underway for top-notch musician to be the modern voice for some of Farrar’s songs!
Auditions will be held in the Fall of 2023 in Bellingham, WA. Watch this space: details to be announced in September!

Farrar Burn’s 1923 Martin 0018 guitar.

Our Media Maven
We are looking for a media-savy co-creator who will help us get Our Vision out into the world… stay tuned!